Foster Care Counts improves the lives of youth in foster care and ensures they thrive. We partner with care and advocacy organizations to address the gaps in service and impediments to success and target ways to boost outcomes. Together, we ignite initiatives to empower foster youth, improve access to valuable resources, and incite change on their behalf. Join Us.


Founding Story

In 2012, Jeanne and Tony Pritzker, along with a group of friends, founded Foster Care Counts with the goal of building a community of dedicated volunteers and corporate partners to make the needs of foster youth a priority. Jeanne realized quickly from the inaugural Foster Mother’s Day event in 2012 that there were so many community volunteers looking to help foster families and foster youth emancipating from the system and so as the community of dedicated volunteers grew each year, so did their awareness of the needs of foster youth and their collective desire to do more to help beyond that one day every year. However, how to help and what to do seemed unclear, complicated and typically deterred people from getting involved. This is why Foster Care Counts was founded to raise awareness and funds to support the many non-profit organizations in Los Angeles doing important work in support of foster youth and families.

Board of Directors & Team


Lauren Becker
Board Member

Amy Cohen
Board Member


Lisa Josefsberg
Board Member

Sara Kutler
Board Member

Helen Lepor
Board Member

Jeanne Pritzker (CEO)

Jeanne Pritzker
Board Chair & President

Tony Pritzker
Board Member


Lia Seabold
Board Member


Diane Shakin
Board Member

Jennifer Velaise
Board Member


Winnie Wechsler
Board Member  Secretary/Treasurer


Maggie Lin

Lauren Nichols


Jennifer Yi




Our Supporters That Make Foster Care Count! 

These are the companies and organizations that champion the foster care cause within our community. 



Community Partners / Agencies

We partner with proven leaders in the foster care community to amplify outcomes for the most promising programs across the focus areas of education, technology, employment and community-building.



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